Running PosBox on your computer for development purposes

Running PosBox on your computer is means running the second odoo server instead PosBox.

For run the second odoo server it’s necessary to change the configuration settings which is different from the running settings the first odoo server.

For this, just change the xmlrpc and longpolling port value.

For example, if the run settings for the first odoo server /path/to/openerp-server1.conf:

xmlrpc_port = 8069
longpolling_port = 8072

then the settings for the second odoo server /path/to/openerp-server2.conf can be as follows:

xmlrpc_port = 9069
longpolling_port = 9072

Example of running PosBox on your computer with used Network Printer:

  • Run first Odoo Server, e.g.:

    ./openerp-server --config=/path/to/openerp-server1.conf
  • Install the Pos Printer Network module on Odoo in a usual way.

  • Configure PosBox using the installation instructions.

  • Run second Odoo Server using new settings and add to --load parameters, e.g.:

    ./openerp-server --load=web,hw_proxy,hw_posbox_homepage,hw_scale,hw_scanner,hw_escpos,hw_printer_network --config=/path/to/openerp-server2.conf
  • Print in network printer.

Run PosBox via docker

Example with hw_printer_network and PosBox 8.0:

docker run -d -p 1984:1984 --name wdb kozea/wdb
docker run -d -e POSTGRES_USER=odoo -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=odoo --name db-posbox-8.0 postgres:9.5

docker run \
-p 9069:8069 \
-p 9072:8072 \
--link wdb:wdb -e WDB_SOCKET_SERVER=wdb -e WDB_NO_BROWSER_AUTO_OPEN=True \
--privileged \
-v /dev/bus/usb:/dev/bus/usb \
--name 8.0-posbox \
--link db-posbox-8.0:db \
-t itprojectsllc/install-odoo:8.0-posbox --  --load=web,hw_proxy,hw_posbox_homepage,hw_scale,hw_scanner,hw_escpos,hw_printer_network

To use your version of built-in odoo modules use add following -v path/to/odoo:/mnt/odoo-source.

Source of this docker can be found here:


It actually doesn’t work and raises error “No backend available”. Probably –device=/dev/SOMETHING has to be sued instead of `` –privileged -v /dev/bus/usb:/dev/bus/usb ``