How to enable Longpolling in odooΒΆ

Longpolling is a way to deliver instant notification to web client (e.g. in chats).

To activate longpolling:

  • install dependencies

    • odoo 11.0

      python -c "import gevent" || sudo pip3 install gevent
    • odoo 10.0

      python -c "import gevent" || sudo pip install gevent
      python -c "import psycogreen" || sudo pip install psycogreen
  • set non-zero value for workers parameter

  • configure nginx

    location /longpolling {
    location / {
  • if you install odoo 9.0 via deb package, then you have to restore openerp-gevent file (see #10207):

    cd /usr/bin/
    chmod +x openerp-gevent

Read more about longpolling