The option --load (also known as server_wide_modules) is used to define list of modules that are loaded on odoo start. Such modules are loaded even if there are no databases in odoo. Odoo by default loads web module, but exact list may varies for different odoo versions

Default value

Adding new module to the list

In general, you need to take default value and add there a new module.


# Example for Odoo 12.0:
./odoo-bin --workers=2 --load base,web,NEWMODULE --config=/path/to/odoo.conf

Via config file

Parameter name is config file is server_wide_modules. Add this parameter if it’s not presented yet or modify existing value by adding new module:

# example for Odoo 12.0:
# ...


  • navigate to Shell tab in odoo.sh
  • execute nano .config/odoo/odoo.conf
  • add server_wide_modules parameter with NEWMODULE added (see above)
  • restart server by executing following command: odoosh-restart