Multi-session Support¶

pos_multi_session is a module, which allows synchronizing data in POSes within one multi_session.

In order to synchronize new user data Order or Orderline models of one POS with others, you no need to add a new module pos_multi_session into depends on your module, you need to extend such methods as export_as_JSON, init_from_JSON and add the method apply_ms_data, which is used for compatibility with .

–°onsider the Example of synchronization for the Order model.

Let us have some data for the order and we need to synchronize it with all POSes, which use the same multi-session:

apply_ms_data: function (data) {
  It is necessary to check the presence of the super method
  in order to be able to inherit the apply_ms_data
  without calling require('pos_multi_session')
  and without adding pos_multi_session in dependencies in the manifest.

  At the time of loading, the super method may not exist. So, if the js file is loaded
  first among all inherited, then there is no super method and it is not called.
  If the file is not the first, then the super method is already created by other modules,
  and we call super method.
  if (_super_order.apply_ms_data) {
    _super_order.apply_ms_data.apply(this, arguments);
  this.first_new_variable = data.first_new_variable;
  this.second_new_variable = data.second_new_variable;
  // etc ...

  Call renderElement direclty or trigger corresponding
  event if you need to rerender something after updating */
    export_as_JSON: function () {
  // export new data as JSON
  var data = _super_order.export_as_JSON.apply(this, arguments);
  data.first_new_variable = this.first_new_variable;
  data.second_new_variable = this.second_new_variable;
  return data;
    init_from_JSON: function (json) {
  // import new data from JSON
  this.first_new_variable = json.first_new_variable;
  this.second_new_variable = json.second_new_variable;
  return, json);