# install autopep8
sudo pip install --upgrade autopep8

# install oca-autopep8
git clone
cd maintainer-tools
sudo python install

# install autoflake
sudo pip install --upgrade autoflake

# install fixmyjs
sudo npm install fixmyjs -g
# increase max errors to be fixed (otherwise script stops)
echo '{"maxerr": 1000}' > ~/.jshintrc

Common lints

# fix line break symbols
cd /path/to/MODULE_NAME
find * -type f | grep -v $EXCLUDE_FILES | xargs sed -i 's/\r//g'

# add line break to the end of file
find * -type f | grep -v $EXCLUDE_FILES | xargs sed -i '$a\'

# trim trailing whitespaces
find * -type f | grep -v $EXCLUDE_FILES | xargs sed -i 's/[ \t]*$//g'

# Replacement button 'Tab' on 4 button 'Space':
find . -type f -name '*.xml' -or -name '*.py' -or -name '*.js'| xargs sed -i 's/\t/    /g'