Action ButtonsΒΆ

Action Buttons are following buttons:

  • Note
  • Transfer
  • Guests
  • Bill
  • Split
  • Order
  • Discount
  • etc.

that are located above Numpad.

  • These buttons only show up after installing pos_discount module (Discount button, which allows defining the size of discount for the order) and pos_restaurant module (Split, Guests buttons etc.)
  • You can create your own buttons assigning them to actions (for example open_popup, screen and etc).
  • To create a Button you need to inherit ActionButtonWidget Class, select define_action_button and choose the necessary action after the pressing corresponding button.

Consider, for example, the way of creating a simple Button, which opens popup-window.

odoo.define('pos_popup_button', function (require){
  In order to use ActionButtonWidget, which specified in Screens
  please start with downloading the screens widget

 var screens = require('point_of_sale.screens');

//declare a new variable and inherit ActionButtonWidget

var PopupButton = screens.ActionButtonWidget.extend({
  Thus PopupButton contains all methods from ActionButtonWidget.
  Now we need to define Template for our button,
  where the type of button you can find in Qweb (see below)

template: 'PopupButton',
  We also need to choose the Action,
  which which will be executed after we click the button.
  For this purpose we define button_click method, where
  where name - Button name; widget - Button object;
  condition - Condition, which calls the button to show up
  (in our case, setting on show_popup_button option in POS config).

button_click: function () {
  this.gui.show_popup('confirm', {
    'title': 'Popup',
    'body': 'Opening popup after clicking on the button',

  'name': 'popup_button',
  'widget': PopupButton,
  'condition': function () {
  return this.pos.config.popup_button;
return PopupButton;

The definition of the template in Qweb:

<t t-name="PopupButton">
  <div class="control-button">
    <i class="fa fa-list-alt" /> Popup Button

For a concrete example check the POS Orders History module , where you can see that a button with the label Orders History is added.