{Instruction about things to do before actual installation}

* {OPTIONAL }`Activate longpolling <>`__ 
* {Additional notes if any}
* `Install <>`__ this module in a usual way


{Instruction how to configure the module before start to use it}

* `Log in as SUPERUSER <>`__
* `Activate Developer Mode <>`__
* Open menu ``[[ {Menu} ]] >> {Submenu} >> {Subsubmenu}``
* Click ``[{Button Name}]``


{Instruction for daily usage. It should describe how to check that module works. What shall user do and what would user get.} 

* Open menu ``[[ {Menu} ]]>> {Submenu} >> {Subsubmenu}``
* Click ``[{Button Name}]``
* RESULT: {what user gets, how the modules changes default behaviour}


{Optional section for uninstallation notes. Delete it if you don't have notes for uninstallation.}

This description will be available at app store under Documentation tab. Example: