RST format

Document Title / Subtitle

The title of the whole document is distinct from section titles and may be formatted somewhat differently (e.g. the HTML writer by default shows it as a centered heading).

To indicate the document title in reStructuredText, use a unique adornment style at the beginning of the document. To indicate the document subtitle, use another unique adornment style immediately after the document title. For example:

 Document Title

Section Title


Note that “Document Title” and “Section Title” above both use equals signs, but are distict and unrelated styles. The text of overline-and-underlined titles (but not underlined-only) may be inset for aesthetics.


  • # with overline, for parts
  • * with overline, for chapters
  • =, for sections
  • -, for subsections
  • ^, for subsubsections
  • “, for paragraphs

Code block

Enter double colon (::) and then empty line and then at least one space and finaly you can enter your code.

Also you can use inplace code reference by using `` ``.


  • **bold**
  • *italic*
  • ``code``


  • * - not numerated
  • #. - numerated
  • 1,2,3, … - numerated