Image sizes

See also -> ‘images’

This images is displayed on application page (example) and in application list (example )

Displayed size:

  • app page:

    750 x 400
  • app list:

    262,5 x 130

Recommended size (aspect) to fit both usage:

750 x 371

You can scale picture, saving proportion.


Appearance in app list is more important, as there is less chance that user open app page, if small sized image in app list is not attractive enough.


All values assumed, that you put the code inside .oe_container and .oe_row, e.g.:

<section class="oe_container">
    <div class="oe_row oe_spaced">
        <div class="oe_demo oe_picture oe_screenshot">
            <img class="img img-responsive" src="1.png"/>

oe_span6 img.oe_demo.oe_picture.oe_screenshot

max-width: 362px; max-height: 382px;


max-width: 761px; max-height: 382px;


max-width: 928px;


max-width: 1500px; max-height: 1000px;