Preview module on App Store

Browser’s dev tools allows to preview Module in App Store before actual uploading.

  • open
  • click Inspect Element on some application
  • change text and images
  • Done! Now can decide do you need make changes or keep current images and text

Preview image

While it’s easy to change text, it’s not obvious how to preview image.


  • google: convert image to base64

  • convert image to base64 with a tool you choosed. It must be some long string started with data:image/:

  • paste this line to src attribute of image tag

    • BEFORE

    • AFTER



Configure your nginx and use local link in src attribute.:

<img src="static.local/path/to/image.png"/>

You cannot use localhost due to security restrictions. So, you need to add some domain to /etc/hosts::   static.local

TODO instruction for nginx