Terminal logs

Logs from terminal (in development environment) or log file (in production environment) are primary source to find the reason of a problem.

To control output level use - - log-handler

Output format

Default format is as following:

%(asctime)s %(pid)s %(levelname)s %(dbname)s %(name)s: %(message)s
2017-12-23 10:32:59,388 13  INFO  point_of_sale-10 werkzeug: - - [23/Dec/2017 10:32:59] "POST /web/webclient/translations HTTP/1.0" 200 -
asctime________________ PID LEVEL DB_NAME_________ NAME____  MESSAGE________________________________________________________________________________


Name is argument of creation _logger object. Usually it’s equal to

_logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

i.e. equal to package name


PID is a process ID. E.g. ID of one of worker or cron process


Message is anything passing to one of logging method, e.g. _logger.info(Message)