Runbot – official runbot. While its main purpose is checking pull requests to official repository, it is usefull on daily development routine.

  • It allows to play with any odoo version. Each build has all modules installed with demo data.
  • It allows to quickly try enterprise odoo versions

How to use

  • open
  • switch to repository you need. Odoo community (odoo/odoo) is default.
  • find a row with odoo version you need (10.0, 9.0, 8.0, 7.0)
  • click on fast forward icon to open latest build. Alternatively, click on any blue button on a row, that corresponds to odoo version you need.
  • on login page enter credentials:
    • Admin
      • login: admin
      • password: admin
    • Demo
      • login: demo
      • password: demo
../_images/ – customized runbot for IT-Projects` repositories.

Stages of making a build:

  • Checkout sources from github
  • -base database: install updated modules for pull request builds and base modules for branch builds. For some repositories explicit modules (i.e. ones, that are specified in runbot settings) are installed too
  • -all database: install all modules of the repo
  • run the build with two prepared databases

Main features:

  • Blue button - enter to -all database
  • Green button - enter to -base database
  • Key logs (shown on build page) – key logs, warnings and errors
  • Detailed logs (txt files)
    • Full base logs – full logs of installation process in -base database
    • Full all logs – full logs of installation process in -all database
    • Full run logs – full logs for both databases after running, i.e. when Blue and Green button are available. Logs includes cron work, url requests etc

How to deploy runbot?

There is docker that allows you deploy you own runbot for your repositores. Check it out for further information