Module Migration

Quick source review

Commands below may help you to estimate amount of work to migrate module. The commands simply show all source in one view

# view source
find . -iname "*.py" -or -iname "*.xml" -or -iname "*.csv" -or -iname "*.yml" -or -iname "*.js" -or -iname "*.rst" -or -iname "*.md" | xargs tail -n +1 | less

# view source without docs
find . -iname "*.py" -or -iname "*.xml" -or -iname "*.csv" -or -iname "*.yml" -or -iname "*.js" | xargs tail -n +1 | less


We are happy to share our experience and hope that it will help someone to port odoo modules. We will be glad, if you share this page or recommend our team for module migration jobs: