Commit comment prefix

Based on:

Basic tags

  • [DOC] for documentation. Don’t use any other tags when you improve, fix, refactor documentation
  • [PORT] for porting (version tag is required)
  • [BACKPORT] for back-porting (version tag is required)
  • [IMP] for improvements
  • [FIX] for bug fixes
  • [REF] for refactoring
  • [TEXT] for commits with text changes only: labels, hints, comments, etc., but not for updates in documentation (*.rst and *.html files)
  • [NEW] for uploading new modules
  • [ADD] for adding new resources and features.
  • [REM] for removing of resources
  • [CI] for updating .travis.yml, requirements.txt, */tests/*, etc. files
  • [LINT] for fixing lint errors
  • [i18n] for translations

Version tags

  • [8.0]
  • [9.0]
  • [10.0]
  • etc.


Don’t use tags below

  • [WIP], [DEV] – instead of noting that work in progress make message as if your work is already done.